About US

BD4L Group (Big Data For Leaders) is a boutique digital marketing agency located in Warsaw, Poland. We specialize in data-driven digital campaigns.

Our experience comes from implementing campaigns in the most dynamic and demanding environment, that is the central-level politics.

We have got unique experience in building and managing online communities of committed supporters of two successful political start-ups in Poland. Most recently, we worked in 2020 with the presidential campaign of Szymon Hołownia, which got 13.7% of votes and the 3rd place in the election (managing a database of almost 100,000 supporters, 15,000 volunteers, and PLN 7.5 million raised in a crowdfunding campaign). Before, our team was in 2015 involved in the parliamentary campaign of Nowoczesna (the “Modern” party), which won 7.6% of votes and 28 seats in Parliament in their first ever election (building a database of 60,000 supporters, 6,000 party members, and PLN 2 million raised via the Internet).

Also, we have successfully implemented several dozen digital marketing campaigns and advisory projects with leading politicians, local government officials, NGOs, organisers of national congresses, and businesses.

In 2018, we published a report on the use of data-based marketing in political campaigns, which looked at trends and best practices in foreign campaigns, including of presidents Obama, Trump, and Macron.

Mateusz Sabat – Founder/ceo

He has over 10 years of interdisciplinary experience in working with public persons, building and developing organisations, and implementing digital campaigns. He was a co-founder and member of the board of Nowoczesna (the “Modern” party), and organised e.g. the work of its national electoral staff in the parliamentary campaign of 2015, was responsible for building a database of supporters, and implemented the first crowdfunding system to ever be applied in Polish politics (which in total raised over PLN 2 million). In Nowoczesna, he also headed the Analysis Team and the “Better Poland” Expert Network. Prior to that, he worked for five years with Mr Leszek Balcerowicz (former Deputy PM, Minister of Finance and Chairman of the National Bank of Poland) in the Civil Development Forum. He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Atlas Think Tank MBA programme. He also took international training on the use of data in election campaigns: “How to Win: Using Data for Political Strategy and Implementation” and “Training and Networking Seminars for ALDE Data Officers.”

Contact: mateusz.sabat@bd4l.pl

Łukasz Dąbroś – partner

He is a PhD student at the Warsaw School of Economics and a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (in economics, economic analysis of law) and the American Institute on Political and Economic Systems, with many years of experience in doing analytical work for think‑tanks and political groups. He took the “Campaigning in a Data-driven World” training organised by the European Liberal Forum. He is interested in applying a scientific approach to policies, and utilising new technologies for this purpose.

Kontakt: lukasz.dabros@bd4l.pl