We specialise in data-driven digital campaigns. We are prepared to see to the entire campaign process: from making an audit and providing strategic consultancy to operating an online campaign on the day-to-day basis. If needed, we can also support projects on a piecemeal basis, in cooperation with the internet team of our Client, or in cooperation with other agencies.

See below what we can provide to enhance your personal brand, business, or organisation.


  • We will run an audit of your online communications.
  • We will run an audit of your online communications.
  • We will advise you on data acquisition, database segmentation, and tools to help you fully utilise the potential of data of your customers or supporters.


  • After gathering all the available data in one place, we will analyse it.
  • We will build a cockpit to monitor all the relevant data in real time.
  • On an ongoing basis, we will be providing you with conclusions from the analysed data and with recommendations for activities to run (both online, and in real life).


  • We will design a website integrated with solutions tailored to your project’s requirements (including CRM, Marketing Automation, payment operators, e‑commerce tools, and event registration systems.)
  • We will implement tools to enable automation and personalization of e-mail/ messenger/ SMS marketing, www, and social media campaigns.
  • We will create qualitative content for the web and social media, as well as materials to use internally (e.g. reports, presentations, infographics) based on the data analysis and data visualisation.


  • We will implement online data-based campaigns (by e-mail/ SMS/ messenger marketing, in social media.)
  • Through effective crowdfunding campaigns, we will raise funds for activities.
  • We will integrate online activities with those run in the real world.

If there come up areas which exceed our range of expertise, we will turn to our network of tried and tested specialists and freelancers.